>> line-note includes the text-based works (1st dimension)

>> face-note includes the photographic works (2nd dimension)

>> body-note includes the physical works (3rd dimension)

>> time-note includes the time-based works (4th dimension)

>> line-note umfasst die textbasierten arbeiten (1. dimension)

>> face-note umfasst die fotografischen arbeiten (2. dimension)

>> body-note umfasst die körperlichen arbeiten (3. dimension)

>> time-note umfast die zeitbasierten arbeiten (4. dimension)

CORE>> line-core>> face-core>> body-core>> time-core
MOVE>> line-move>> face-move>> body-move>> time-move
NOTE>> line-note>> face-note>> body-note>> time-note
MINI>> line-mini>> face-mini>> body-mini>> time-mini